Ashlee & Neil – a moving story

Ashlee & Neil are no ordinary Bride & Groom, in fact they are no ordinary couple and this was certainly no ordinary wedding. Ashlee was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2010 just 6 months after giving birth to her daughter Miley. She had a mastectomy and further treatment, but when she had a sore back, arm and leg, she returned to the hospital in January this year and was told the cancer had spread to her bones, leading to tumours in her shoulder, arm, spine, pelvis, leg, liver and lungs and was given around 18 months to live.

All Ashlee wanted to do is be a mum and get married so despite the devastating news and the side effects of the drugs Ashlee began organising her wedding in just 11 weeks. I heard about Ashlee through Jennie Miles, one of my collegues at Wedding Lounge in West Kirby and I felt so humble when I received a call from Ashlee asking me to film her wedding. I have met Ashlee only a handfull of times but I feel as if I have known her all my life, I know thats one of those corny lines but I cant think of any other way to say it. I would also like to mention the way Neil handles himself and deals with the situation is a credit to him. He is obviously a rock for Ashlee as his her mum and her family and freinds.

I feel so priviliged to have got to know this couple over the last few months, they are an amazing family who have inspired me to think differently about things and have put some perspective into my life. There wedding was one that will live with me for the rest of my life, it was obviously emotional but the overriding feeling was that of happiness. Hope you enjoy the highlights  Dave :-)

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