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Laura & Nigel – Movie Trailer

I try my best to meet the bride & groom before the wedding but due the fact I’m pretty much nationwide these days it’s not always possible. Nigel owns the famous Tup Tup Palace Nightclub in Newcastle and manages a number of other clubs and was down in the North West on business from his Native North East. As a businessman I kind of knew he would be a hard negotiator, I wasn’t wrong!! But we got there in the end and as I always say the best deal is when both parties walk away happy. I love filming in the Lakes it’s such a romantic setting, for me it’s the perfect ‘couples retreat’ going for walks all wrapped up warm..magic. One thing I did notice throughout this wedding was how much Laura & Nigel had thought about their guests, there was always something for them to do and the evening party was crazy and the first dance was genius. Now this is not a highlights clip but a trailer. This is what I am producing for all my 2014 brides I will go into more detail in a later post but it’s a little but shorter and its designed to whet the appetite and build anticipation for the main feature. I can’t let this blog post go by without mentioning the photographer Scott Spock, he is a real life pirate and I so had to have my picture taken with him for my son Ben who loves pirates. Both he and his fabulous assistant Korrine were such a pleasure to work with and the images on his website are just mind blowingly good.

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