How safe are your wedding memories?

I just wanted to write a quick blog which gives you an insight into our set up when it comes to securing the footage we capture on your wedding day. I know it’s not gripping stuff but in this digital age it’s become even more important to have fail safe systems in place to ensure that data is always available should recovery be required and here is how we go about it.
We always film using 3 cameras so should anything happen on the day itself we are covered. All our footage is captured on digital media, in our case this is CF and SD cards. Once a card is either filled or swapped out for a new one that card is backed up onto our portable hard drive.
Once back at the office after the wedding that portable drive is plugged into our NAS server and copied across. The NAS server has 4 hard drives inside it and the files copied across are spread over those 4 drives but should one of those drives fail (as all mechanical things do at some time or another) none of the information is lost, it’s just a case of swapping out the broken drive popping in the new drive and things just carry on as normal. It’s like witchcraft!! Once the footage has been moved onto the server it is then automatically backed up onto 2 USB drives with one of these being taken off site that night and stored away from base.
Once your finished copies have been delivered we archive the raw footage and keep a copy of the master on the server and also store a copy in the cloud so it can be called upon should anything happen to your copies.
When considering who to choose to film your wedding day I’m sure the above isn’t something you’re even thinking about and to be honest you shouldn’t, it’s expected from a professional company that these safeguards are in place but this is not always the case. Too many suppliers have a “what are the chances?” attitude towards data security, we do not. A part of our costs for filming a wedding include the costs involved in setting up and maintaining our solid back up structure. As you can see we take no chances, almost every eventuality is covered, whether it be mechanical failure of a hard drive, a burglary or fire at the office. Whatever may come our way, rest assured your wedding day footage will always be safe.
Portable Drive – Nexto DI NVS1501
Nas Server – Synology DS413 (4 x 2TB drives)
Back-up Drives – Seagate Backup Plus 4TB
Cloud storage – Crashplan

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