b2b taking to the skies!!

Regular visitors to the blog will be aware of our recent acquisition, a DJI Phantom quadcopter. It was bought with a view to being utilised in our commercial work but recently our thoughts turned to what it could bring to a wedding film.  The more you see something the less of an impact it brings so we know it needs to be used sparingly in the edit, we do not want it to take over the storytelling aspect of our films and  turn them into some sort of quadcopter showreel. We decided to give it a try this weekend as we knew the weather was going to be good and the 2 venues (Thornton Manor & Meols Hall) were both stunning visually.  We concentrated on the bride and groom arrivals to the reception and we are really pleased with how it looks, so much so  its going to be with us on most of our  weddings going forward. It;s not something we want to be known for and we are not going to be building the brand around it  because not only is it weather sensitive ( if it;s too windy you cannot fly it)  but the venue needs to justify it’s use, using it just because we have one without it adding any value to the production doesn’t make any sense.  So here are a few clips from the phantom featuring the 2 weddings we filmed this weekend. Let me know what you think, bit of a gimmick or increasing production values? :-)


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