Sarah & Darren Highlights

You know when you meet someone for the first time and your immediately feel comfortable in there company? The giveaway for me is when my Wigan accent starts to take over, well the moment I met Sarah & Darren I just wanted to film their wedding. I remember the meeting well, I was 45mins late because my tyre blew on the way. I arrived like a bull in a china shop who had consumed the contents of 30 cans of red bull. Not the best of starts, but I didn’t need to worry, these 2 lovely people just smiled bought me a drink and we nattered for a couple of hours. Sarah was a bridesmaid at her friends Emma’s wedding which I filmed so she had seen me working first hand and knew how discreet I was, sometimes you say it but people still think its going to be a camera’s in your face exercise. There wedding day landed on my Birthday now I’m forty plenty so its not really a day to celebrate and I was more than happy to be filming but I walked into the bride prep to card signed by Sarah and all the bridesmaids I just thought how nice is that, today of all days Sarah goes out of her way for me. The day itself ran like clockwork and it was my first wedding with a male voice choir in the church and WOW it was amazing, the sound literally hit you in the chest, I don’t know if Sarah & Darren had the choir in mind when they were choosing the hymns (I expect so) but it was something I will never forget. 3 fabulous speeches, each one unique, no clich├ęs just honest heart felt words and a packed dance floor at the end of night. Thank you Sarah & Darren x