Laura & Chris – A White wedding at the Royal Crescent Bath

My first blog post for over a year, so which wedding should I choose to mark this momentous occasion? There were so many amazing weddings from 2015, so many memorable moments but If I had to choose just one then it would have to be the wedding of Laura & Chris held in the beautiful city of Bath. Chris’s parents are lucky enough to live on the Royal Crescent and therefore have one of the poshest front lawns in England, a perfect spot for a reception you might say :-) The Ceremony was held at the stunning Bath Abbey which was a perfect setting for this English Fairy tale. I wanted to tell the story of these two amazing people in a way I had not done before so we interviewed friends and family at a get together the day before and used the audio from the interviews to paint the picture of them from childhood through to the current day. Laura took the huge step of leaving her beloved Canada to start a new life with Chris in the UK, while Chris had 4 brothers and it was only during the interviewing process that you quickly realised how close they all are but how that was not always the case! The wedding itself was everything I had hoped it would be, beautifully put together but as I always say it’s the people that make a wedding and the emotions brought about by not only Laura & Chris’s love for each other but by the love that every single person had for this couple was plain to see. I dont say this often but I am really proud of this piece of work, it was a tough assignment but what an unforgettable 2 days. Laura & Chris, thank you xx